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_MG_3268.jpgB&WHeidi Breyer is a British born, American Contemporary Classical composer-pianist, with a deeply contemplative, yet passionate melodic style.

She has released 5 albums to date, the latest, called Moonlight In Empty Rooms, (released 2018) www.moonlightalbum.com , a double cd/dvd musical response to her husbands oil paintings. http://alexandervolkovfineart.com . Moonlight is currently nominated for 3 awards this year of 2019.

OWM -One world music radio – piano w/instrumentation,

ZMR – Zone Music Reporter award – piano w/instrumentation,

IMA – Independent Music Awards – Contemporary Classical

Heidi has just completed composing a full Latin Requiem called Requiem For The Common Man, which will begin recording in 2020.

Heidi :

“As children we perceive music very physically and allow it to carry us away to a different place…these are our first experiential, unsung emotions”.

“As adults music enables a conscious transformation. If we just let it, it can calm, excite, heal, release, lift us up…and carry us to wherever we want to go…”

Heidi Breyer’s first brush with music was at the tender age of two, on the stage of a small, English nursery school. There, wearing a paper flower petal skirt, she danced beyond the end of the music and for Heidi, the rest of world ceased to exist; whether through teaching, learning, composing, performing or listening Heidi believes music can transform.

Since that early age Heidi’s life was inextricably linked to music through dance, drama and music study at the Arts Educational School in Hertfordshire, UK and later at Trinity College of Music in London. Following a career in the family business, Heidi immersed herself in music once again teaching piano, performing recitals, accompanying chamber and choral groups and playing the church organ. In the last five years she experienced a musical awakening and followed her deep passion for writing music resulting in 3 award winning albums, a fourth released earlier this year (2015)… 

 In January 2015, Heidi Breyer released her fourth album, Letters From Far Away. It is a double piano solo and piano instrumental featuring an electic mix of beautiful and gutsy pieces showcasing her depth of emotion, range of technique and most importantly conveying the love story behind the title. The album is receiving worldwide acclaim and will be entered into 5 categories in the forth coming 58th Grammy Awards.

 Winner of ZMR Best Instrumental Piano Album 2012, ZMR Best Instrumental Piano Album 2010 , ZMR Best New Artist 2010 and nominated ZMR Best Holiday Album 2011. Heidi has four albums to her credit – Beyond The Turning 2012, Another Place and Time 2010 and Winter Light, 2009 and now Letters From Far Away, 2015.

 She opened the first ever live ZMR Awards show in 2013 in  New Orleans and has since performed on stages world-wide and her music has been featured on many compilations including the Grammy Nominated Album for Best Spoken Word, “The Storm King” an Auto Biographical Narration by the late Pete Seeger and produced by Jeff Haynes, The Gathering (West River Records) and Many Miles Music (a Seattle based label).

Heidi Breyer now resides in the artistic community of Frenchtown, New Jersey a bucolic and inspiring setting where she composes her music, prepares for her multi-media concerts, teaches, and manages the business of world-renowned Russian painter, Alexander Volkov. If all of this isn’t enough, Heidi is enrolled in a film course at Berklee, a definitive step in a new direction of film scoring.

 Here is what the industry’s top musicians, producers and reviewers are saying about Heidi’s music!

 “A new release by Heidi Breyer is always worth waiting for, but this time she has out done herself and her deeply meaningful creation of Letters from far Away, will be regarded by her fans and the followers of piano based music, as real raising of the musical bar, her many listeners, of which I urge you to be one of, will be deeply moved for an eternity by this incredible release.” – Steve Sheppard, OWMR

 “Heidi Breyer’s ‘Letters From Far Away’ is an amazing collection of lovely piano based music. I particularly loved the idea of having a double CD set- One with Solo Piano versions and the other with subtle arrangements. Being a musician I could see the tremendous amount of attention to detail that has gone into the writing and performance. As a pure listener, I loved the option to chose which CD to listen to based on my mood. Overall a fantastic musical experience and I wish Heidi all the best for this wonderful work.” – Ricky Kej, Grammy Winner Producer, 2015 of New Age Album of the year, (Winds of Samsara)

 “Heidi has provided us with a treasure trove of beautiful recorded music, as well as an upcoming fifth CD to look forward to. Heidi Breyer is a truly remarkable instrumentalist and composer whose expressive and melodic range is impressive, as is her emotionally evocative touch on the keyboard. Letters From Far Away is musical storytelling at its best and illuminates the talents of a rising star in the piano world. – Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus.”

 “Heidi Breyer continues to amaze with her evolution as a compose and as a performer. The range of styles represented in Letter From Far Away is considerable, but like the outer planets in our solar system, these are held together by the gravity and persuasion of Breyer’s artistic voice.”

– Will Ackerman, Producer and Founder of Windham Hill Records




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