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Listen To A Clip From Letters!!

Letters FrFarAway 'Album'LISTEN BELOW!!

Last week, at Imaginary Road Studios, I recorded the majority of my piano songs for my upcoming album ‘Letters From Far Away’. It was a completely singular experience (even though I have recorded there before) and I doubt I will ever repeat it. My producer, Will Ackerman and superb engineer Tom Eaton really pushed the boundaries of my playing and demanded a lot and I tried to give them the absolute best I had. Here is an unmixed and unmastered snippet from one of the more classical pieces called ‘A Small Café’ BUT before you listen, the best news of all is…that I will be releasing ‘Letters’ as a DOUBLE album and selling at the price of a SINGLE album!!!

This was the biggest value for money I could give my fans. One disk will be solo piano and the other will have the same pieces with compliments from other instruments. I have wanted to release a solo album for along time but I am hearing many colorful instrumental lines and sounds so I simply decided to do both!!! It will be extremely insightful to get my listeners feedback on their perspective of each version…perhaps even their preference!! Meanwhile here’s a little of ‘A Small Café’…

A Small Café by Heidi Breyer

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