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Just a quick post to clarify the details of two upcoming concerts!! Saturday February 7th – 7pm at South Ridge Commuity Church in Clinton. –HEIDI BREYER – PREMIK RUSSELL TUBBS – EUGENE FRIESEN. Saturday March 7th – 7pm at Frenchtown Presbyterian Church. –Heidi Breyer SOLO PIANO Please join us! Heidi[…]

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Today, tickets go on sale for perhaps the most exciting and challenging concert I have ever done!! That is a brave statement to make isn’t it?…but I have the privilege of performing with two of the best virtuoso’s on the planet…seriously…so who wouldn’t be excited and challenged ? :). Over[…]

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Listen To A Clip From Letters!!

LISTEN BELOW!! Last week, at Imaginary Road Studios, I recorded the majority of my piano songs for my upcoming album ‘Letters From Far Away’. It was a completely singular experience (even though I have recorded there before) and I doubt I will ever repeat it. My producer, Will Ackerman and[…]

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Will and Tom!

And after a week of awesome music making…we forgot to take one pic or one video or one anything except a ‘take’ or two of my songs 🙂 So 5 minutes before leaving I had to get a quickie video of the two main culprits (or should I say victims)[…]

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Two Milestones Today!

Just a quick update about two important things that happened today! Firstly, as you can see, my new website is now live!!! It needs a lot of tweaking (and tweeting) but please check it out and consider pre-ordering my album from the Music Store! The second awesome thing was that[…]

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Notes on Notes…

I’m constantly reinventing my approach to writing music and by default my musical self. I call it ‘method music’…you are what you write…at least for that duration, much like the actor developing his character…

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