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Beyond the Turning – Amazon Reviews

Amazon.com Reviews of Beyond the Turning.  5.0 out of 5 stars Writings by Serge Kozlovsky, October 1, 2012 This review is from: Beyond the Turning (Audio CD) Life runs away forever To never return back You won’t be able to predict What’s waiting for tomorrow These strong and very emotional[…]

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Beyond the Turning Review – Muzikreviews.com

Heidi Breyer – Beyond the Turning Dana Wright – Muzikreviews.com Sr. Staff September 12, 2012 Heidi Breyer became enraptured with music at the age of two on the stage of an English nursery school. Wearing a paper flower skirt, she began her journey into the wonder and transformational mystery of music[…]

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Beyond the Turning Review – NJ.com

Hunterdon County Composer, Artist Share Vision By Sallie Graziano, NJ.com – October 22, 2010 Musician Heidi Breyer and artist Alexander Volkov know what it’s like to juggle many demands at once. With multiple careers and children with wide-ranging interests, they understand stress…read more “Our lives really speak to why we[…]

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