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Heidi Breyer – Beyond the Turning

Dana Wright – Muzikreviews.com Sr. Staff

September 12, 2012

Heidi Breyer became enraptured with music at the age of two on the stage of an English nursery school. Wearing a paper flower skirt, she began her journey into the wonder and transformational mystery of music that has defined her life…read more.

Following her passion, she attended university for drama and the arts and after a stint in the family business, returned to her heart’s desire of writing music.

Beyond the Turning is her third release. Guest musicians include Eugene Friesen (cello), Charlie Bisharat (violin) Samite (vocals, multi-instrumentalist), Michael Manning (bass), Steve Holley (drums) Jeff Haynes (percussion), Jill Haley (English horn) and David Cullen (guitar, electric guitar). The album was produced by Grammy winning producer and engineer Corin Nelson.

Music is something that can infuse your soul with song and bring you to a place of peace. “World Without End” is a track that will do just that. The majestic piano chords marry well into the whispers of voice and string instruments. The harmonies paint a picture of light that cascades around you. Wading through this piece is like floating on air, each note caressing your skin and massaging your inner ear to really embrace the textures Breyer and her fellow musicians are crafting.

“Tea And Sympathy” is one of those songs you have to listen to a few times before you can hear all of its facets. Filled with theatrical imagery, a voice of an angel sings of her love being gone. Colors fade and moonlight shines along each note as brilliant piano playing and multi-instrumentation illuminate the loneliness and heartbreak of this ballad. The emptiness of the day to day life weighs you down as you dream of the love you used to have and finally rest yourself to be forever by his side. Is it a suicide note or a dream to be awakened from? There is no telling, but this piece is one that will haunt you in the night. It has an intimate quality that draws you in.

“Moondancing” lilts to life on fluttering night wings. Piano keys elegantly lead you into a fairy world of shadow and dreams. Percussion crafts a rhythmic spell and horns enter the journey. Close your eyes let your hips twist and your knees bend as you gyrate to the dark sensations that float over you like a wave of cinnamon hot chocolate on your soul. Turn around. Feel the night air on your bare shoulders and listen to the horn and the percussion as they walk you further into the night world. There he is. The dark stranger, waiting for you in the shadows; ready to take you in hand for a dance you will not soon forget.

“May I Suggest” is a beautiful reminder that this may indeed be the best part of our life. Eloquent piano playing enmeshes with multi-instrumentation and the voice of an angel to spin images around you in spun sugar and sheer delight. Harmonies are brought to peak sound performance and flow together like magic. The composition on this song is absolutely perfect. It made me smile and then hit re-play a few times. It is emotional on a deep level. Images of walking through fields of cupcakes invaded my brain and I realized I had just had one with my lunch and this song reminded me how happiness and cupcakes go hand and hand. There you go. Some odd logic, but it works.

Heidi Anne Breyer is an accomplished musician that takes music and paints with pictures of sound. Whether it is primarily piano music or with one of the many talented musicians on this album, every song is a composition that will stick in your mind long after the music has stopped playing. Emotional boundaries are tested and explored, bringing to mind those things in your life that bring happiness, even if it is just a cupcake. If you enjoy piano music with multi-faceted layers of sound then you must treat yourself to this album.

Key Tracks- “World Without End,” “Tea And Sympathy,” “ Moondancing,” “ May I Suggest”

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