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Beyond The Turning Review – Hot Indie News

Heidi Breyer: Beyond the Turning – Music Review

Keith Chachkes, Hot Indie News

Epic. Somber. Introspective. Deep. Enigmatic. Whimsical. These are a few of the terms I might use to describe the piano stylings of HEIDI BREYER. However, simply trying to boil down all of her talents as a thoughtful player and songwriter down to the bare essence may not quite do justice to the masterpiece that is her third album, Beyond the Turningread more

Culling together her many influences from Classical, Jazz, New Age and Progressive Rock (channeling the late Richard Wright of PINK FLOYD at times), Heidi truly does “paint in sound” as her biography suggests. Using the emotional framework of the events in the world the last few years as a sonic allegory of sorts, Beyond the Turning takes your soul on a journey of discovery. The heartfelt opener “Farewell” has a sense of calming dismay to it and sets the mood for the majority of the album. “World Without End” continues the trek inward, slowly uncovering feelings of peace and resolve in its musical DNA.

Breyer has a jazz master’s touch when it comes to song craft and certainly her romantic side comes through in place like the soothing “Rive Droite”. Other tracks such as “The Long Way Home (Passage 1)”,“My Peace Piece” and “Eight Steps Free” have a nice laid back, soulful quality that tie the album together nicely. Not only does Heidi have a splendid voice, she augments her performance with the heavenly sounds of Samite. She has an all-star team of talents pitching in to help, who take many excellent songs to the next level like cellist Eugene Friesen, violinist Charlie Bisharat, superstar bassist Michael Manring (solo bass on “Joy of The Road”), Jill Haley’s horn playing and David Cullen’s immense guitar work among others.

Among the top tracks of the album “Tea and Sympathy”, “Moondancing”, “Adungu Inspiration” and the title track wind down the album in top notch fashion. These songs are full of little stories, each measure further revealing memories and feelings that will surely stir in the coldest souls out there.

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