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Today, tickets go on sale for perhaps the most exciting and challenging concert I have ever done!! That is a brave statement to make isn’t it?…but I have the privilege of performing with two of the best virtuoso’s on the planet…seriously…so who wouldn’t be excited and challenged ? :). Over[…]

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Letters from Far Away CD Release UPDATE!

Thank you to everyone who is pre-ordering Heidi’s new CD, Letters from Far Away. The new scheduled release date is January, 20, 2015. We thank you for patiently awaiting this amazing new album, and we know that you won’t be disappointed! Heidi is busy finishing the album and gearing up[…]

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Listen To A Clip From Letters!!

LISTEN BELOW!! Last week, at Imaginary Road Studios, I recorded the majority of my piano songs for my upcoming album ‘Letters From Far Away’. It was a completely singular experience (even though I have recorded there before) and I doubt I will ever repeat it. My producer, Will Ackerman and[…]

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Percy Goes Swimming…kind of…

” This swimming thing is overrated, I mean there’s really nothing to it…” Testing out the shallows in the Frenchtown Delaware. “Wow…what was that?!!” Percy realizing he’s not the only critter in the water! “So you wanna be my friend?…where d’ya go?!!” Making animal friends in the Delaware (or at[…]

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Will and Tom!

And after a week of awesome music making…we forgot to take one pic or one video or one anything except a ‘take’ or two of my songs 🙂 So 5 minutes before leaving I had to get a quickie video of the two main culprits (or should I say victims)[…]

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Day 1

Day 1 at Imaginary Road Studios, recording the new album. Three songs down today and one special overdub, already! What a fun and productive day!! Back in again on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow I’ll take a long walk and enjoy one of the last days of Summer in this beautiful[…]

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Two Milestones Today!

Just a quick update about two important things that happened today! Firstly, as you can see, my new website is now live!!! It needs a lot of tweaking (and tweeting) but please check it out and consider pre-ordering my album from the Music Store! The second awesome thing was that[…]

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