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REQUIEM For the Common Man


$9250!!! So grateful for your on-going support!!

UPDATE: 7/28/20 – BIG THANKS to all the latest donors and their generous contributions to the production of this special project!! The Lacrimosa (the movement I chose to spearhead the recording, but actually the 5th movement of the whole work) has had piano and string recorded, mixed and passed to our “choral department” for tracking, AS I TYPE!! A few days from now I will be able to share it right here on this page…PLEASE check back soon!!

I have been asked many times over the last few years, why on earth I would write a Requiem. My answer is simple. My music is a dichotomy of emotion. Hope, joy, pain and victory, all of them. It acknowledges light and dark contrast in the depths of the human condition, and paints sonic portraits that sometimes we don’t want to look at, or feel, because they remind us of our past, of our present and of our truths. But if we pause and dare to look right into that present moment, into the truth which stares us in the face, if we can steel ourselves to do it, we can still move forward, renew and revive. Understanding this, is the only way.

From observations over the last 6 years I have held a foreboding presentiment that our precious world is in gradual decline, in many ways having fallen off its moral axis, leaving many perplexed and confused about their own lives and values. Until recent years those values were predominantly founded on simple day to day living, in the knowledge that work and love of life and the will to live would provide a future and at the very least a peaceful existence. That pattern of life has corroded, leaving a vast global population with poverty, famine, disease and even in the first world, people go hungry and are unable to plan from one month to the next. All of this threatens our core faith, faith in our belief systems and in mankind generally. With this elucidation, it is clear that my work represents the antithesis of Aaron Copeland’s Fanfare of the same name, which was written in response to the social and political exuberance of his time.

This page is dedicated to my determination to bring this music to fruition, in recorded form and/or through a performance, no matter how negatively the meaning of the music might be perceived. It is not angry music, nor particularly melancholic. I have written more painful lines in the past! Rather, it is the musical representation of a world, which I believe has no choice but to go through a time of reckoning in order to right itself and be renewed.

The Nuts and Bolts:

It is scored for instruments and voices which I innately understand: Piano, SATB Choir and String Orchestra and avoids a wind ensemble almost entirely, except for the pastoral echoes of a solitary English Horn at pertinent moments. I conceived of each movement on the piano, added the instruments and choral parts I was hearing in my head, in Logic Pro, and finally scored it in Finale. Full Score and Parts are available NOW, upon request. They have been reviewed, checked and in places edited, by Eugene Friesen (Composer, 4 time Grammy winner and Professor at Berklee College) .

We are now ready for the next stage: To find a musical body large enough and willing to trust in my musicianship and take on this work of substance. I am determined to share this music and believe many will relate to it’s content and feeling tone.

Choir of Angels Gift List!

  • Star of Bethlehem $15  -Pre-Order Download
  • Lambs $25 -Download + Requiem USB
  • Shepherds $35 -Download +Requiem USB +Moonlight CD      
  • Kings $50 -Download + Requiem USB + 2 CD’s   
  • Angels $75 -Download + Requiem USB + 4 HB CD’s
  • Archangels $150 -Angels + Signed Art Book
  • The Principalities $250 -Archangels + 2 Tickets to Premier
  • The Powers $750 -Principalities + Solo Concert by Heidi   
  • The Virtues $1200 -Principalities PLUS Art-Concert- by Heidi/Al 
  • The Dominions $1500 -Archangels PLUS Piano-Rose Limited Edition on Canvas
  • Thrones $1750Archangels PLUS Evensong – RARE Limited Edition Giclee
  • Cherubim $2000Archangels PLUS Any Collectors Edition Giclee (Embellished)
  • Seraphim $15,000 – Archangels PLUS Original Oil of  “Piano-Oil Lamp” ($25,000 Retail Value)                                                


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  6. Jennifer Thomas (fellow musician, thank you)!
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